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For the 2022-2023 school year, The Science Penguin offers school year subscriptions for the grade-level bundles. In order to better meet the needs of our schools, we no longer offer transferable licenses on individual items. Subscriptions run through June 30, 2023.

Included in your purchase

  • 1

    5th Grade Science Bundle

    • Start here!

    • Master Supply List

    • All Year Resources

    • Assessments

  • 2

    Back to School

    • Unit 1: Intro to Science

  • 3

    Matter & Mixtures

    • Unit 2: Matter and Mixtures

  • 4

    Force, Motion, & Energy

    • Unit 3: Force and Motion

    • Unit 4: Energy

  • 5

    Earth & Space

    • Unit 5: Earth's Surface

    • Unit 6: Weather and Water

    • Unit 7: Solar System

  • 6

    Organisms & Environments

    • Unit 8: Ecosystems, Changes, and Fossils

    • Unit 9: Traits, Structures, and Life Cycles

  • 7

    STAAR Review

    • Unit 10: STAAR Review

Everything You Need

This resource includes everything you need to effectively teach the 5th grade science TEKS to your students.


    Interactive Science Notebook templates, Slides & Notes, hands-on vocabulary lessons, interactive diagrams, Digital Notebook, and digital lessons for Google Slides


    Science Stations Units, Observation Stations products, Experiencing Science products, labs, outdoor learning, and Digital Inquiry


    STAAR review pages and activities, cooperative vocabulary review activities, TEKS-Based Assessments, vocabulary assessments, task cards, Lockbox Challenges, and exit tickets to check for understanding

Go Digital!

Brand new digital resources designed for online learning are included in this resource.

Digital Interactive Science Notebook, Task Cards in Google Forms, Slides & Notes, Digital Inquiry, Outdoor activities, Spiral Review, Observation Stations, and more!

Digital Resources You'll Love

  • Digital Interactive Science Notebook

    This GO DIGITAL! Interactive Science Notebook was designed specifically to enhance online learning. It has everything you need to set your students up for success with digital learning. More topics to be added Fall 2020.

  • Slides & Notes

    Perfect for synchronous instruction mini-lessons, in-class lessons, or independent work in Google Slides. 16 TEKS-aligned topics in progress for completion in Fall 2020.

  • Digital Inquiry

    Students individually collect information from 5 different online sources then combine that information to answer a question. Each activity has 3 differentiation options. There are over 30 TEKS-aligned activities ready for students!

5E Digital Lesson Plans

Need help planning for digital or virtual instruction? My planning guide is a Working Document constantly being updated to make this transition a little smoother for teachers.

Planning, Simplified

As a teacher, you have so much on your plate. Take a peek at my lesson plans to get ideas for activities, including digital and virtual suggestions.

Differentiation, Simplified

Find resources to meet each student's individual needs at the click of your mouse.

Teaching, Simplified

Your job is challenging. Let me help save you some precious time.

Resources included in your download

These MUST-HAVE resources and MORE are included in your bundle.

  • Notebook Templates: Over 200 foldable activities, cut and paste, sorts, and graphic organizers as well as ideas and resources for setting up your science notebook

  • 5th Grade Science Spiral Review: Provided in both print and Google Classroom format includes 30 weeks of review

  • Observation Stations: 14 sets of Observation Stations allow students hands-on experiences through 6 centers all focusing on a very specific concept in one class period

  • 5th Grade Science TEKS Based Assessments: 19 assessments and graphing tools for students to track their data by SE and vocabulary quizzes

  • Science Vocabulary Spiral Review: JUST 5 MINUTES a day can keep new words fresh in students’ minds. No printing. No worksheets. Just talking about words.

  • Science Mini-Charts: 159 mini-charts to use with absent students or to reinforce lessons

  • Digital Inquiry for Google Slides: Students work independently to gather information from reliable sources provided to answer an inquiry question

  • Science Slides and Notes: Slides with differentiated student notes | Bonus independent Google Slides option included

  • Science STAAR Resources: Rigorous Test Prep Task Cards for games, lockbox challenges, over 75 pages of printables for student work, review stations activity menu, and a STAAR study folder

  • Hands-on Experiences: Exploring Matter, Exploring Fossils, Exploring Force, Exploring Landforms, Exploring Sedimentary Rock, Ocean Life Science, vocabulary lessons, and more

What other teachers are saying

“I bought my first The Science Penguin resources in 2013. They energized my lessons, engaged my students, and brought new life in to my class. I can’t say enough about her products, from notes to stations to task cards and more; if you aren’t using The Science Penguin resources your students are missing out. ”

Amy, 5th Grade Teacher

“After 5 years of teaching science, this is the first school year that I feel comfortable dedicating more time to relationship building and making meaningful connections with my students, rather than feeling like I have to spend my time creating material that suits mine and my students’ needs, and it is because of Ari, and her amazing and comprehensive 5th grade science bundle. I trust the quality of her work, and have witnessed that her ideas and products are engaging, rigorous, and prepare my students for far more than just their STAAR tests.”

Veronica, 5th Grade Teacher

“The Science Penguin is the ONLY resource I have found that is perfectly aligned with the Texas TEKS, professionally done, and allows my students to be actively engaged in their learning. I especially like the Task Card Bundle because it allows students to have fun while walking around the room answering questions with their friends. Using The Science Penguin resources has helped me increase my schools science scores by 20%!”

Marissa, 5th Grade Teacher

“Planning for science is so easy with The Science Penguin’s TEKS Planning Guides! Each unit is mapped out with high quality materials and explanations on how to teach concepts effectively. From warm ups, to stations, to journals... everything is awesome! Our scores went up 20% in my 1st year and our school was given a distinction in science. I couldn’t have done it without her!”

Katie, 5th Grade Teacher

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Take your pick of options! If using a PO, please see School Purchasing below.

School Purchasing

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  • What is the difference between the 5th grade bundle and the 4th grade bundle?

    Because I want to provide teachers the resources they need to differentiate, you will see some resources can be found in both the 4th grade and the 5th grade bundle. However, the activities suggested in the planning guide are totally different to ensure vertical alignment for teachers using Science Penguin resources in both grades. The activities for each grade are specific to what the Student Expectation asks for students to do.

  • What do the planning guides include?

    The planning guide includes: Insider teaching notes, Focus TEKS, day-by-day activity recommendations, test prep information, literature connections, supports, and extensions

  • Can my school use a Purchase Order?

    Yes! Please click "School Purchasing" above to learn more.