Access on Chromebook, desktop, laptop, or iPad. The activity is in Google Forms so you can send this activity through any platform.

Students work independently to complete the vocabulary lesson. Google Forms will auto-grade and tell you how your students did.

Designed for 3rd and 4th graders, each lesson is designed to be completed in 15-20 minutes.

What's included?

This resource contains 6 units with 23 total Digital Vocabulary Lessons

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    Digital Science Vocabulary Lessons

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    • Matter & Mixtures

    • Energy & Force

    • Earth & Space

    • Organisms & Environments

23 Vocabulary Lessons

Matter & Mixtures

1. Physical States of Matter

2. Physical Properties of Matter

3. Changing States of Matter

4. Mixtures

5. Solutions

Energy & Force

1. Forms of Energy

2. Force and Motion

3. Circuits

4. Thermal Conductivity

5. Electrical Conductivity

Earth & Space

1. Moon Phases

2. Slow Changes to Earth's Surface

3. Rapid Changes to Earth's Surface

4. Movement in Space

5. Water Cycle

6. Soil

7. Conservation and Resources

Organisms & Environments

1. Types of Consumers

2. Parts of an Ecosystem

3. Photosynthesis

4. Adaptations

5. Heredity

6. Metamorphosis

Why Teachers Love It!

  • Simple directions for students to complete independently in 15-20 minutes

  • Quality text, images, and video clips

  • Auto-grading in Google Forms

  • 10 multiple choice/checkbox questions throughout the assignment to check for understanding

  • Send the link to students through your choice platform, email, or messaging


This resource is included in the 4th Grade Bundle!

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